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X Sdlzlricfer con Mattigm (The Oil on wooden, seventy three x 60 cm (28 U salt swimming pools of Martigues) x 23' . in I Bouquet of vegetation) Oil on canvas, a hundred and five x eighty five cm Buhrle. Zurich Basel Museum SF 4,200, offered for SF 3,200 Fischer Folkwang, Essen, confiscated lot 34, Dr Reber in 1937 est SF 3,400, offered for SF 2,900 Switzerland, deepest assortment, Bern Otto Dix Dir Ellrrn Jk Kunsllrrs (The artist's mom and dad) 1921 Otto Dix Oil on canvas, a hundred x one hundred fifteen cm (39Vb x forty five% in. ) (Woman with toddler) Catalogue raisonne Lbffler 1921/12 Frtw mil Singling Wallraf Richartz-Museum, Cologne, bought as Mutter und type (Mother and baby) confiscated in 1937 1924 Fischer lot 37 est SF 3,800, bought for SF 2,100 Oil on canvas, seventy five x seventy one cm (29'/i x 28 in ) Catalogue raisonne Lbffler 1924/6 equipment Stadtische Kunstsammlungen, Kbnigsberg, confiscated in 1937 Fischer lot 38, est Otto Dix Bernhard A Hamburger Nirlzsrlif SF 3,400, no longer offered Boehmer, Giistrow, Sachs, Ha lburg, Kunsthalle, 1947 1912 cm Painted plaster, fifty eight x forty eight (227. x 187. in Stadtmuseum Dresden, confiscated Fischer lot 35, est SF ) in 1937 8,400, now not offered most likely destroyed Lyonel Feininger James Ensor Mmknt u«d drr Tod (Masks and demise) Oil on canvas, seventy eight x a hundred cm Zircbow VI (30 V. x 397. in. ) Kunsthalle Mannheim, confiscated in 1937 Fischer Musee lot 39, est SF 10,500, bought for des Beaux-Arts, Liege SF 6,800 1916 Oil on canvas, eighty x a hundred cm (317; x 39V» in ) Catalogue raisonne Hess 162 Stadtisches Museum fur Kunst (Montzburg), Halle, und Kunstgewerbe 1928, confiscated in 1937, Entartrtt Kunst (16081) Fischer lot forty-one, est SF 2,100. now not offered bought for SF 1,250 to Karl Nierendorf Gallery Otto Dix York, current place Anita Btrbtr 1925 Tempera on wooden, a hundred and twenty x sixty five cm (47 'A x 257. in ) Catalogue raisonne Lbffler 1925/6 Stadtische Calerie, Nuremberg, confiscated in 1937 Fischer lot 36, est SF 2,500, no longer bought Swiss broker, Otto Dix Stiftung, Vaduz, on personal loan to the Calerie der Stadt Stuttgart unknown New .. niguin Lvoncl fcintnger Aus Tahiti (From Srlf'stfioriMt iSell Tahiti) ( )il mi canvas hurch ( a hundred .. I cm BO \ the ft»i (. lares <'>'- x Stadtischc Calcrie Fischer 2. a hundred, Kill I SI est 63,000, offered for cm 24'. , II ) rankfurt confiscated in 1937 SF 50,000 Neue lot forty five. est SF 250,000 offered for si 175,000 Allied Frankfurter for Maurice Wfertheim, York New Staatsgalene, Munich, expropriated in 1938 Fischer l)r Beaux-Arts, Liege no longer offered offered for SF l,2su to Karl Nierendorl Calfery V. rk forty four lot Musee des SF (357. x 28'A in Oil on canvas, sixty two x fifty two I confiscated in 1937 Fischer kx forty est cm Oil on canvas, ninety one x seventy three 31V, in Stadtischc Kunstsammlungcn, Kassel, portrait 1888 1903 fOanssaikrck Fogg paintings Museum, Harvard college Cambridge, 1952 Bomar, fortress worthy, deepest assortment, Switzerland, Cialcric Thomas, Munich, deepest assortment, Zurich Mrlropota or bought as Bficlt m dtr OossttiJl View i of the large urban) Grosstjiit (Kig urban BiMim At Scbwntrr (Portrait of the 1916-17 Oil on canvas, 102 x one zero five cm in Kunsthalle Mannheim, 1924, confiscated in 1937, Entjrlrlr Fischer Kuml SF six hundred, bought for Curt Valentin, Ruchholz Gallery Schulmann, New Oil on canvas, eighty x 70 George Grosz Museum -16194) lot forty two, est New York, York, Richard artists sister 1920 (40'/» x forty-one SF seven hundred New York, Porfraf Mr/triMJ Hermann George Grosz, Huntington, L Feigen and corporate, Thvssen I Portrait of Mehnng) current situation Oil on canvas, 108 x seventy eight Hamburger cm (42'/j x 30'i in I Kunsthalle, confiscated in 1937 SF six hundred, bought Bornemisza assortment, Lugano Fischer lot forty three, est Figuri 2(6 Koninklijk Museum for SF 280 voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp ( 31'/] x 27' Folkwang, Essen, confiscated Fischer lot forty eight, est 1926 cm SF 1,200, unknown no longer bought in in 1937 New Erich Heckcl Da Pflugtr (The ploughi 1923 Oil on canvas, eighty three x ninety six cm (32% !

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