The first trade show in the New Year, Vancouver’s bi-annual KNOWSHOW at the Vancouver Convention Centre brought a little bit of LA with them this time around. Showcased inside a refurbished shipping container was Comune’s Throttled exhibit by Ray Gordon; photography celebrating hot rods, motorcycles and the people behind the scenes. See our full coverage here.

Comune: Throttled by Ray Gordon.
The show’s description: “Throttled is definitely going to be anything but your typical uptight photography show. Ray Gordon has been a professional photographer for over one thousand years, working with all sorts of spoiled brats, goldbrickers and filthy rich desperadoes. He’s really f*ing rad, if you’ve got an hour, just ask him. In  spite of being a tireless blowhard, he’s got a lot of great friends and an incredible family and as you can see he takes a pretty good picture. A noisy dragstrip is one of the few places he finds peace of mind.”

Swedish footwear, Gram.

Adam Ruddell and Colton Showers, Herschel Supply (Vancouver).

Lifetime Collective (Vancouver).

Australian motorcycle and apparel brand, Deus. (Right: Stefan Wigand.)

Boards and apparel, Dinosaurs Will Die (Vancouver).

Sitka (Vancouver).

Sitka (Vancouver).


Photos taken by Carmen Lam.