The Nine with Will Broome

Will Broome, best known for illustrating the Miss Marc collection for Marc by Marc Jacobs, is an artist whose illustrations are no doubt reflections of his own quirky personality. Broome, a self professed cross between British children’s character Zippy, and the film Night of the Living Dead, carries an impressive collaborative roster: Missoni, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Harvey Nichols, Topshop, and (of course) Marc Jacobs. Don’t be alarmed if the next words to catch on in to his work have to do with clean underpants. Read about the St. Martin’s graduate and take a peek into his studio in, The Nine. Continue…

Right now… I’m pretty happy at home in London, England. The sun was shining today. I find the winter very difficult; I don’t like the short days. Today, I am drawing whilst listening to Iron Maiden; this is quite normal, please don’t be afraid.

If I weren’t an artist I’d be… Dustbin man, marine biologist, architect, or footballer; just some of the ambitions of my youth. I’ve been a postman, a courier, and a landscape gardener. And believe me, drawing stuff whilst listening to Iron Maiden is MUCH more fun.

If I could be any Smurfs character… This is the original cartoon, right? Not the CGI remake? I don’t want to be in that, just for the record. I always found the Smurfette incredibly attractive, mind you I also found Bugs Bunny, when he cross-dressed, alluring. There were only three female Smurfs in the village; it must have been pretty complicated. Anyway, I’d say a heady combination of Painter Smurf and Dreamy Smurf. I’d like to add Lazy Smurf, but I think he might be a narcoleptic as opposed to lazy.

Spiderman joining Fantastic Four Didn’t he try that in the 1960s? I’m glad he’s achieved his ambition. Only time will tell whether our favourite web-slinger will stack up in comparison to Johnny Storm. I loved Spiderman as a kid. But, I also liked The Thing from The Fantastic Four. I guess I should be pleased. I don’t like the re-branding of The Fantastic Four as the Future Foundation by the way, that’s a bit lame isn’t it?

I last illustrated for… Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Last thing I heard (will inspire my next illustration)… Two recent ones: “The au-pair’s a nice girl but she’s crashed the car three times, lied to us, [and] hasn’t put clean underpants on the boys for three days,” and “I’m into leather.”

My closet’s full of… Vans Era, in every colour and various states of disrepair. Hoodies, sweatshirts, and t-shirts organized into sections, believe it or not. Considering the state of my desk, the rest of my life and mind, it’s a miracle. I NEVER dress smartly, ever.

Last thing I saw on the toilet wall… I’m slightly disappointed by what is written on toilet walls these days. They were very much the tweet or status updates of their day. The last public toilet I was in was in Claridge’s; they tend not to go for that kind of thing in there. Just to clarify, I don’t spend my life in swanky hotels like that, it was fashion week and there was a party.

For my autobiographical film I’d cast… A young Marlon Brando, but I think Penfold from the ‘80s cartoon, Danger Mouse, is probably a more suitable choice.

Studio images courtesy of Will Broome ( and featured image is the Miss Marc 3D Computer Sleeve courtesy of


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